Welcome To Mankar College

In 1987 the journey began with six Arts subjects, sixty-three students and six teachers in a thatched roofed mud-walled hut. Quarter of a century later the college today proudly offers all three streams – Arts, Commerce and Science with Honours in eleven subjects. Almost seven hundred students take admission in First Year Arts alone. Huge buildings have been constructed in a spacious green campus. In spite of the sea change in the appearance of the college, the performance of the students in the University Examinations has remained exemplary right from the beginning. The success rate over the years has remained uniformly outstanding — almost one hundred percent on an average. By virtue of its students, non-teaching members of the staff and the teachers, Mankar College is now recognized as one of the premier institutions affiliated to the University of Burdwan. The ambiance here is calm and quiet, traditional yet modern, disciplined and accommodative — ideal for the pursuit of knowledge.

Mankar College celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the year 2012. By serving the under-privileged students for twenty five years it has only upheld the rich tradition of the locality, a seat of learning disseminating the fruits of knowledge to a large underdeveloped area on the border of and including the jungle-mahal. The inhabitants feel proud of the fact that Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar established a normal school here in the mid-19th century, which in course of time has developed into an HS School.





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My beloved students, You should become a part of the institution and utilize the benefits we offer. Our concern is your progress and we care much for your future career. Shape it here and fulfil the aspirations of your parents and also make us happy with your success in the coming days. There is no higher satisfaction than to hear, know and meet those who have studied here and now leading successful lives and careers in various fields. Come, Join hands with us in the making of a great institution, its traditions, its achievements and its tryst with destiny.

Dr . Sukanta Bhattacharyya