Girls’ Hostel

Bholanath Gauri Chatterjee Chhatri Nivas was founded in 2016 and became functional the very same year. The land for the building was donated by a philanthropist of the community Mrs Gauri Chatterjee. Hence the building was name so in her memory. The institution received a generous funding from UGC under Plan XXI for construction of Women’s Hostel. It was initially conceived for girl students of the college who could not pursue UG courses in the college due to lack of good communication system or untraversable distance. Many female students of the college have benefitted from the construction of the hostel and presently more than fifty student boarders avail the hostel facility of the institution. A three storied building, the hostel along with basic amenities provides library and playground facilities to the boarders. It has a more than 1000 sq. ft. dining space. In the 2022-23 session the boarders were encouraged to organise annual cultural program by the Principal and the under the able guidance of the Warden. For the smooth functioning of the Hostel a sub-committee is elected that functions under the Teachers’ Council.


Dr. Prabir Kumar Pal Convenor
Sri. Nihar Ranjan Rakshit Member
Dr. Mamani Mandal Member
Sri. Makeshwar Rajak Member
Dr. Sujata Mondal Member
Sri. Shukdeb Mondal Member
Dr. Mimasha Pandit Member
Sri. Sandipan Ganguly Member
Dr. Amit Mandal Member
Smt Monalisa Sardar Member
Girls Hostel Report