Feedback is one of the most effective tools in the teaching-learning process of an educational institution. An educational institution aims to offer the best possible environment and learning experience to encourage students to perform to their full potential for academic achievement. Students, teachers, parents and alumni play an important role in the evaluation, development and enhancement of the quality of this learning experience. They are the main stakeholders of an institution. Feedback from students, teachers, parents and alumni helps the college to evaluate how its service policies and make changes as per stakeholders' requirements. The Feedback Process has put an emphasis on the need for the involvement of students in the quality assurance of higher education. Student involvement requires that students should act as a collaborator in, rather than merely passive receivers of, the teaching and learning process.

Mankar College regularly collects feedback from the students of final Semester. The Academic Committee of the institution designs and collects feedback from its students to monitor and evaluate its performance quality on curriculum and curriculum-related issues. The feedback forms were collected from students on several aspects of the curriculum and its learning-related issues in terms of quality, competence, skills and professionalism. This feedback also considers other issues like the teaching-learning environment, institutional infrastructure, and delivery of curriculum by teachers. The feedback collection from the Alumni and the employee has been initiated from the 2020-21 session as they also play an important role in the overall development of an institution. After collecting the required feedback from all the stakeholders, they are properly analysed and actions are taken as far as practicable.

Sl No Session Students' Feedback Alumni Feedback Teachers Feedback
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