Department of History

History of the Department: Mankar College came into being on 26th September 1987.

History was one of the first six subjects to be taught.

For the first few years there was no permanent teacher. Thanks to voluntary services rendered by the teachers from Mankar Boys High School, the process of teaching learning process could be initiated. On the recommendation of the West Bengal College Service Commission, Sree Amitav Mukherjee joined the department as a fulltime teacher in History on 8th November 1987. Mr. Mukherjee was regained and joined Bolpur Purni Devi Chowdhury Girls College on 07.04.2008.

The relationship between the teachers and the students of the department is very cordial and friendly. That’s why they can easily interact with their teachers and express their grievance and problems.

Keeping in mind the demands of the local people for introduction of the Honours course in History, Honours course was introduced in the year 2003. Twenty students were admitted in that year to the Honours course.

At present the department conducts B.A. Honours Course in History as well as the combination subject.

The second teaching post was sanctioned by DPI in the year 2008, 6th of August. Sri Subrata Mandal joined the post on 10th April, 2010 following the recommendation of the West Bengal College Service Commission. At present three part time teachers the workload of the department along with one fulltime teacher with full commitment.

It should be mention worthy that the success rate of the students belonging to this department in the various examinations conducted by the University is praiseworthy.

In addition to the traditional lecture method, the department has followed compulsory academic calendar. Continuous evaluation of their progress is done through class test examination, supplementary examination. Special classes are conducted for the betterment of all students. The students are updated through participation in Seminar, Quiz contests, Debate completion and through interdepartmental cultural competitions organized by the Students’ Union of the College following the advice of the teachers. The department also conducted an empirical study on the system of education and learning with the department of Geography of this college in the year 2011-2012.

The conventional lecture method has been followed and the modules, framed by the affiliating University in syllabus are generally followed by the department. The teachers of the department also welcome discussion regularly from the students consequently.

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112 Apr 2020Philosophy, 6th sem by Chandana Mukherjee6TH SEMESTERDownload
203 Apr 2020Sem 6,cc 14, Impact of Cold war on the Third world by Sri Subrata Mandal6TH SEMESTERDownload
303 Apr 2020Sem 6, cc 14 Definition and dimension of Third World by Sri Subrata Mandal6TH SEMESTERDownload
403 Apr 2020History Hons by Sri Subrata mandalN/ADownload
502 Apr 2020History Hons by Sri Subrata mandalN/ADownload
631 Mar 2020Truman Doctrine by Sri Subrata MandalN/ADownload