Department of Sanskrit

Objective of the Department:

To develop the required skill of Sanskrit language for our students.

To improve spoken Sanskrit in our students.

To prove that the sanskrit language is the mother language of all .

To prove that the language is very necessary for our society in present era.

To encourage the performance of our students in the higher education and to fulfill their aspiration.

Literature is the mirror of our society and it reflects the rich diverse of culture of our nation. It helps in imparting strong moral values of the students, creating awareness about the social problem. Our department aims to provide a good platform to gain good knowledge of Sanskrit Language and Literature for the students.

Year of Establishment.

General Course –2004

Honours Course —2007

Here Students are motivated and guided by the teachers to participate in various programs related to research, cultural activities, sports and academics. The relationship between the teachers and students are very generous. Students can easily interact with their teachers and express their grievances. The department has always followed a compulsory academic calendar. Continuous evaluation process is conducted for the development of the students. The department has all the modern facilities and encourage its students to participate in various programs like NCC,NSS Student seminar, power point presentation ,Audio-visual classes and ICT based learning.Students and faculties actively take part in various educational activities- like seminar, conference workshop, Educational Excursion, Student seminar ,essay , quiz competition, and various cultural competition.

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