ICT Enabled Classroom

Today, ICT has progressed to become an integral part of the education system. The objectives of ICT are to connect the gap between the parents, educators, and students by prompting viable, cooperative and straightforward modes of communication. It likewise gives advanced information exchanging ways for educational institutions such as colleges and universities to pass on or exchange information. Thus, it plays a very crucial role in education, especially in the administration and management of institutions. ICT brings us enhanced modes of communication. It is also very Cost-efficient and eco friendly (since paperless). It has better teaching and learning methods and enhanced data security. It promotes and improves the digital culture in colleges and universities. It has web-based LMS tools that connect students, educators, scholars, researchers, and education personal together. Thus it improves the administration and enhances the quality and efficiency of education. Hence ICT enabled classrooms in today’s education are very much in need.

Mankar College has 5 ICT Enabled rooms, these are:

  1. Audio Visual room (AV room)
  2. Room No. 2/6
  3. Smart Room
  4. G1(Geography)
  5. Auditorium Hall