Vision :

  • It has been the utmost priority of the institution to educate those who despite having merit lack proper means.
  • The institute has constantly strived to open up an avenue of quality education for those who remain economically and socially relegated to the periphery.
  • Providing value based education has been a central criteria of the institute
  • Providing a holistic environment to achieve academic excellence in tandem with humanistic qualities
  • Education for inculcating patriotic and nationalistic fervor amongst the students
  • The founders envisioned the process as a way of repaying one’s debt to society

Mission :

  • Based on the institutional vision, the college has strived to educate those who seldom find an opportunity to benefit from education.
  • The intent of the process has been to groom every student associated with the institution and through them the larger part of the community into disciplined members of the society.
  • The mission is to mould the personality of the students, preparing them not merely for successful careers but also training them to become good human beings and responsible citizens of the nation.
  • Analytical bent of mind is honed by encouraging the students to ask questions and by allowing them to freely express their opinion.
  • However, the institution carefully supervises the growth so that the students, as future citizens of the nation, can be taught to appreciate the cost of freedom- utmost responsibility.
  • To achieve this mission the institution continues to uphold the following core values: discipline, determination, dedication, integrity & trust, and interest & involvement.
  • The vision mission forms the cornerstone of the institution that strengthens its goal to provide education to all and to enrich its purpose of achieving the same.
  • Nature of the governance practiced by the institution is in tune with the vision and mission of the college.