Department of Hindi

Objective of the Department:

  • To foster a sense of confidence among students.
  • To prepare our students in their long but rewarding journey to learn and appreciate Hindi literature.
  • To improve the performance of our students in the University examinations.
  • To assist and inspire students to fulfill their dreams.

Hindi being the national language of our country and the powerful link to understand the importance of national integrity, students should be motivated to study this language.

Hence our Department aims in providing a good platform for the students to acquire good knowledge of Hindi language and literature as well as to understand the functional aspects of it. As literature is the mirror of our society and reflects the rich diverse culture of our nation, it helps in imparting strong moral values to the students, creating awareness about the social problems and assists and inspires students to lead their life strongly and fulfil their dreams.

Year of Establishment:

  • General Course – 1994
  • Honours Course – 2005

With the changing scenario of higher education in focus, the departmental faculties have dedicated themselves in the task of rigorous self-practice in order to enrich the knowledge and skill of our beloved students.


To keep our students motivated and to impart knowledge of Hindi language and literature through practical means a lot of activities are carried out by the department:

  • Students and staff actively take part in various educational activities to encourage the on Hindi subject like conducting National Seminar, Educational Excursion, and Departmental Essay & Quiz competitions.

Each year ‘Hindi Pakhwada’ is celebrated by doing various activities like wall magazine, debate, essay, quiz & extempore competitions.

Sl.No Description Download
Sl.No Description Download
Sl.No Date Description Semester Download
105 Jun 2020Hindi, DSC-3, इकाई -3 ( पूजा गुप्ता ) by Puja Gupta6TH SEMESTERDownload
214 May 2020Hindi Study Material, Marxwad 6th Sem by Dr. Punam Sharma6TH SEMESTERDownload
303 May 2020DSC-3 Hindi Bhasa Unit-1 by Sanjyogita Verma6TH SEMESTERDownload
429 Apr 2020Ramchandra Shukla - Hindi by Dr. Punam Sharma6TH SEMESTERDownload
529 Apr 2020रेखाचित्र by Dr. Kusum RaiN/ADownload
628 Apr 2020DSC 3, हिंदी भाषा, इकाई -2 (पूजा गुप्ता) by Dr. Punam SharmaN/ADownload
728 Apr 2020आत्मकथा by Dr. Kusum RaiN/ADownload
828 Apr 2020आधुनिकता by Dr. Kusum RaiN/ADownload
928 Apr 2020उत्तर आधुनिकतावा1 by Dr. Kusum RaiN/ADownload
1028 Apr 2020रिपोर्ताज by Dr. Kusum RaiN/ADownload
1128 Apr 2020संस्मरण by Dr. Kusum RaiN/ADownload
1208 Apr 2020Hindi Alochana(Hazari Prasad Dwivedi) VI Sem. Hons by Sanyogita Verma6TH SEMESTERDownload
1302 Apr 2020NOTES FOR FOURTH SEM GENERAL IN HINDI by Sri Makeswar Rajak4TH SEMESTERDownload
1402 Apr 2020Anubad Vigyan - Hindi Dept., Mankar College by Punam SharmaN/ADownload