Departmental Magazine

Department of Computer Science

The Computer Science departmental magazine “ IDeserve “ is a reference of the most recent trends and activities in the field of information technology. Computer Science is an ever-expanding field and the power what technology holds today is definitely beyond one's imagination. Therefore, the current issue of IDeserve is full of exciting new technologies. Our endeavor with each edition is to update all on the latest trends of technologies coming up and flashing some light on the innovative minds of the youths today. This magazine plays an instrumental role in providing exposure to the students to develop written communication skills and command over the language. It is a step towards building professional and ethical attitude in them. The entire journey of creating IDeserve is an outcome of rigorous effort made by students and faculty. Students not only gain the knowledge about the latest technological developments and advancements through reading and writing articles but they also develop verbal and written communication skills. This issue has expanded its scope by introducing articles by major stakeholders. Apart from students, alumni and faculty of the Computer Science Department, inputs have been collected from teachers and students of other science departments.

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1 Computer Science I-DESERVE (Think beyond the limits) Download

Department of Geography

The annual departmental magazine “COSMOS” published by the department of Geography reflects different contemporary concepts of the domain of Geography. “Cosmos” meaning an harmonious universe is a platform which our students require to expose their thinking abilities, observation power and writing skills. The magazine plays a crucial part in facilitating students' growth in research, presentation, written communication skills and language proficiency. It serves as a vital step in nurturing a professional and ethical attitude among students. The publication of “COSMOS” is the result of dedicated efforts from both students and faculty of the department. Through reading and writing articles, students not only acquire knowledge but also enhance their verbal and written communication abilities. This issue of the magazine reflects alarming topics related to different natural and anthropogenic hazards and disasters. Relevant issues like climate change, desertification, loss of natural resources, forest fire, pandemic etc. have been discussed in different articles. Hope this academic endeavor will motivate our beloved students to grow as responsible citizens- a generation of eminent thinkers and wise planners contributing to a better world. We extend our sincere thanks to all the students who have contributed to this issue by their articles and enhanced its perfection and presentation through technical support.

Sl.No. Department Magazine Name Download
1 Geography COSMOS Download