Department of Physical Education

Mankar College came into being on 26thof September 1987 with six popular and conventional subjects to extend the light of education to an extremely backward area populated by a large number of illiterates or neo-literatesfrom the economically deprived section of the society.

After a quarter of a century of its existence and a gradual diversification of subjects taught, the college thought it would be meaningful to introduce Physical Education as a course of study and there was also a growing demand for it among the local residents. As it was a subject taught in very few colleges it could be a welcome option of study for many students. It was felt that a graduate degree with Physical Education could also lead to a variety of opportunities in the life after leaving the college.

As a result General Course in Physical Education was introduced in the year 2013. Sixty (60) students were admitted in that year. There was no sanctioned post for Full Time Teachers. The infant department was nurtured with love and care and dedication by Arnab Ghosh and ArabindaMaji from September 2013 after they joined as guest faculties to the department. Even today they are the only teachers serving the department.

Since then it has become a journey of growing from strength to strength. The classes consist of both theoretical and practical papers. The boys and girls spend a lot of time in the fields and the gym under the careful eyes of the two teachers. The performance of the students in both academic and sports and games activities are truly commendable. Mankar College has become a name to esteem among the colleges of the affiliating university in the fields of sports and games and majority of these sportsmen and women are from the Department of Physical Education. Apart from this most of the Physical Education students are either NCC cadets or NSS volunteers which help them to be groomed for their role as responsible citizens of the future.

The less than a decade old department is still in the process of building the infrastructure. However it has its own gym fitted with essential items of equipment, and a stock of sports items. There are books in the college library. The authority has assured to boost the stock to a level of satisfaction for all.

The relationship between the teachers and the students of the department is very cordial and friendly. That is why the students can easily interact with their teachers and express their problems and grievances if any and get them resolved.

It has to be admitted that Physical Education has made the dream of becoming a graduate come true for many students. It has given them self-confidence to meet the challenges of life.

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