A Memorandum of Understanding( MoU) is intended to promotecollaboration between a college with various reputedinstitutionsand industrial and corporate bodies.The purpose of this agreement is to develop academic and educational cooperation for a better teaching-learning experience. Such initiatives provide opportunities forexchanging of researchers and students, exchange of information, teaching materials, technological and scientific publications, Organisinglectures, symposia, international meetings, conferences, workshops etc. Mankarcollege is engaged in faculty exchange programs with various colleges such as MUC Women's College, Chandrapur College, GalsiMahavidyalyay, Burdwan Raj College, HiralalBhakat College. On the part of Industrial collaboration, it has an MoU with PIDILITE Industries LTD and Patanjali Yoga Samity.

Mous/linkages during 2017-2022