Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry ,established in 2018 ,has been imparting training at advanced level of Chemistry for B.Sc(Gen) students. This particular discipline has an encompassing effect on the biological and physical sciences and therefore considered a central science. Knowledge and skills in chemistry play a crucial role in finding the solutions to most of the challenges (eg. energy, disease, environment) faced by the mankind today. The department believes in interdisciplinary approach of learning and fosters a culture of excellence. Undergraduate students of chemistry have been nurtured and mentored well to compete at the national level . The curriculum has been designed by the University of Burdwan to keep abreast with changing times. In the long run, the programme is likely to produce globally competent chemists with bright innovative ideas. By understanding the nuances of chemistry, these young scientists would be creating new tools, products and technologies to address some of the world’s biggest challenges such as (just to name a few) clean affordable energy, biomedical devices and drugs for treating diseases, biosensing and environmental remediation etc. The department frequently conducts seminars, workshops, conferences and student development programs. The department already has modern well-designed class rooms and are well equipped for adopting modern teaching aids like LCD projectors, Smart Class Rooms etc. The laboratories are well equipped with latest equipment, demonstration kits, charts etc.

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