Managing Slow and Advanced Learners

Mankar College is endowed with students of variable learning capabilities and socio-economic backgrounds. Being located in rural areas and populated with economically and socially backward classes, students are mostly 1st or 2nd generation learners. The college is conscious of this, and accordingly takes requisite endeavours to facilitate the learning outcomes for all the students. It has initiated some general steps on regular and continuous basis:

  • To provide equal opportunities and understanding of concerned discipline, teachers teach through regional language and also in English.
  • The learning content is discussed repeatedly in classes unless and until it seems clear to all students. To facilitate it, audio-video aids and ICT tools are used during classroom teachings.
  • Peer learning is encouraged where advance students help other students to overcome their problems during off periods, especially for practical based subjects.
  • The backward students are encouraged to participate in participatory learning process (seminar presentation, poster presentation, stall preparation and group discussion etc.) and it is made compulsory for all.
  • During the pandemic online classes were held for all the students, videos of such online classes have been made available to students by a few departments.
  • The students expertises in extra-curricular activities (Cultural activities, wall magazine, sports etc) are encouraged to participate in intra-college as well as inter-college and district level competitions. It nurtures their creative skill, confidence level and leadership ability and eventually boosts up their academic performance indirectly and helps them also in the long run.