Institution Social Responsibility

Mankar College is located adjacent to the Jungle Mahal of the former Maharaja of Bardhaman. It caters to the demand of a large number of people belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The proof is the demography of the villages in the vicinity of the college. Demographic diversity can be found in the villages around the college. A large number of populations belong to SC, ST and Minority communities and many are financially backward. Depending on these, the college pertains to its social responsibilities.

Sociological Aspects:

  • The college encourages students from these backward areas to enlighten themselves with the blessings of education and shine in life. Even there is a facility to study under Netaji Open University on our campus, which allows them to continue their education while managing their employment simultaneously.
  • Ours is an institution which is only thirty-two years old and it attracts many first-generation learners. But even within these few years, it has acquired such a reputation that it even attracts students from the nearby Urban areas like Bardhaman and Durgapur.
  • Mankar College is known for its discipline-friendly atmosphere. The staff and faculties are always advised to maintain the decorum prescribed in the model code of conduct.
  • It is also reputed as a student-friendly college keeping an ambience of gender equity and women's safety. Our Sexual Harassment Cell and Vishakha Committee confirm the question of women's safety within the campus.
  • The college organises “Samabyathi”, a project under which the poor population of the locality are given used as well as new dresses.

Ecological Aspects:

  • The college has a lush green campus. More than five acres out of 11.069 acres of the total area of the campus is covered with natural and planted canopies and trees. Thus, the college contributes to building and maintaining a campus that encourages awareness of Nature among the students and the staff and keeps the air pollution-free within the campus.
  • Also, within the campus, we have a plot secured for medicinal plants. The students are made aware of the benefits of these plants to make them understand the importance of returning to Nature.
  • In the College hostel, seasonal vegetables are grown. This is done under the supervision of expert gardeners.
  • The College is situated in a place where rainfall is less than required. Thus, the college has developed a system of rainwater harvesting.
  • The college maintains a dedicated solid and liquid management system to keep the campus clean and pollution free.
  • Also, the College maintains a plastic-free and tobacco-free campus.

Student Empowerment:

  • The College gives karate training to its female students to equip them with skills of self-defence.
  • In collaboration with PIDILITE, the college provides hand-on-training to students interested in handicrafts and art. This is also an endeavour to make them self-sufficient. In rural areas, female students are greatly benefitted from this training.
  • The college has a dedicated Career Guidance Cell. It organises seminars and workshops to guide the students in choosing their careers.

Rain Water Harvesting

Recycling harvested water

Liquid Waste Management

Plastic and Tobacco free campus

Lush Greenery

Solid Waste Management

Celebrating Santali Bhasa Victory Day

Celebrating Constitution Day

Samabyathi Prakalpa

Samabyathi Prakalpa