Internal Complaint Cell (ICC)

Committed to the principles set in the Vishakha guidelines set by the Supreme Court of India and recently codified as POSH Act the Internal Complaint Cell (ICC) of the institution functions independent of all administrative setup requiring every employer to comply with certain statutory requirements.

According to the guidelines of the Supreme Court an act can be identified as unwelcome sexually determined behavior that makes:

  • Physical advances and contact
  • Sexually coloured remarks
  • Advances for sexual favour
  • Demonstration of pornography
  • Verbal, non-verbal and physical conduct of sexual nature

Function :

  • Preventing sexual discrimination against female employees at workplace
  • Gender sensitization is promoted amongst students and employees for prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination within the institution
  • Various measures and methods are suggested to the administration to prevent, prohibit, and redress any such actions of discrimination
  • Handling of cases of discrimination in a time bound manner so that a sustainable support system can be developed for the victims and continuing it until the discriminatory practice is directly addressed and rectified
  • Disciplinary and correctives actions to be meted out to a guilty party are decided upon consensually
  • Internal processes of the institution are kept under strict vigil to maintain necessary safety parameters of women employees
  • Recommendations to the administrative setup for the enhancement and adoption of measures that can reify the safety measures quintessential for ensuring safety of women employees and students within the boundaries of the institution