Covid Awareness

In today's world Covid is the new synonym for 'Death' and 'Hopelessness'. Each day you wake up and you feel that the number counts less with your near and dear ones dying every day, and you suddenly feel that the periphery is closing around you. Suddenly you start feeling choaked. But, then, you are a human being, the race that has the gift of superior intelligence and humanity. Since the beginning your race has survived and fought all struggles together, shedding life to save more lives. Therefore, you strive and disagree to surrender. You vow to fight back. On one hand, you start resisting with every human and non-human resource you have and on other hand, you continue to search for a perfect weapon. One fine morning you decipher the riddle and invent the vaccine. This is the fable of our battle against Covid-19 and we are going to pass this down through generations to hide the secret seed of struggling together, so that, our future learns from their great past.

We have fought together – doctors, nurses, health workers, sanitary workers, police, army, people in administrative offices are front liners. We respect them. But encouraged by them, many people and institutions have come forward to help the needful during the nightmarish lockdown. In phase two the same scenario is prevailing and this will continue to haunt until the majority of the population gets vaccinated. Therefore, the fight must be carried on. But many unsung heroes fight silently in different ways. Mankar College, under the guidance of Principal, Dr Sukanta Bhattacharyya, with the help of NSS Programme Officers , Associate NCC Officer, NSS volunteers and NCC cadets, has tried to stand by the students and their families, both physically and emotionally. They have also taken steps to help the local people from the village. This portal of the website is dedicated to enlist and acknowledge the works done by the NCC and the NSS departments of the college to add to the changes that we could make 'being Human'.

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