Student Activities


Girls’ Hostel – Mankar College now boasts a fully furnished hostel for the girl students constructed with financial help from the U.G.C.The hostel has a capacity to accommodate 33 students.

FREE STUDENTSHIP – The college awarded free studentship and half-free studentship to deserving students for many years. Merit and attendance of the candidates remained essential criteria for the awards.But, as from 2012-13 the College has to submit to the State Government 50% of the tuition fee received, the scope for awarding free studentship and half-free studentship has thus been greatly reduced. However, the College has appealed to the UGC for grants to offer stipends to deserving SC/ST/OBC(non-creamy layer)/minority students.

SCHOLARSHIPS AND STIPENDS – The College helps the students apply for a number of scholarships and stipends both Govt. and non-Govt. like Kanyasree, SC/ ST, Minority, Jindal Foundation and others.

STUDENTS’ WELFARE FUND – A few financially insolvent students, who are unable to pay the tuition fees and other dues, are helped from this fund. Income certificate of the guardian has to be submitted while applying for the aid. Sincerity and regularity of the student concerned are taken into account for deciding the beneficiaries.

ACADEMIC DIARY – The academic diary informs the student about the academic activities of the college throughout the year and helps him/her make a comprehensive plan to prepare himself/herself for the examinations.

RAILWAY CONCESSION – The regular students of the college are issued Railway Concession for traveling from the residence to the college and back.

CYCLE STAND – The college has stands for the bi-cycles and motor-bikes of the students. The students do not have to pay any fee to use the stands.

COLLEGE MAGAZINE – The students of different departments bring out wall magazines which are periodically re-furnished. The college also publishes an Annual Magazine, guided by the teachers, enriched with the creative efforts of the students.

INFLIBNET – The college is registered under the N-LIST Programme and has access to more than 2100 e-journals (including current issues with 5-10 years back files) and more than 55,100 e-books. The resources are accessible from as soon as a user from the college logs in.

PHOTO-COPYING FACILITY – The college has its own photocopying facility. The students can make photocopies of their documents in the college itself at a minimum cost.

POWER BACK-UP – The college has one 40 KVand one 5 KV Diesel Generator Sets (silent mode) installed to provide 24 hours uninterrupted power supply.

INTERNET FACILITIES – The UGC Network Resource Centre of the college offers Broadband internet facilities to the students and the teachers for academic purposes with 10 independent BSNL lines.The college campus is also a wi-fi campus.

SPORTS AND GAMES – There are adequate facilities for out-door and in-door games. Students from the College have regularly participated in a variety of sports and games competitions at the University level and have won many titles.

PRIZE FOR MERITORIOUS STUDENTS – Kamala Kanta – Manorama Prizes are given away every year to the best performers in the 3 Year Degree Final Honours and General Examinations of each of Arts, Commerce and Science streams on the day of the Annual Cultural Function of the College. Being motivated by the love for education a kind donor has provided the fund needed for the prizes.